26. Januar 2012


Hey there fashion people!

My name is Polar Bear and I love dressing up!
I am male, 25 years old and live at the North Pole together with my friend Tiny Bear ( who is a bit shy and didn't want a photograph up here).
Sometimes I model for anti-climatechange campaigns, which gives me an opportunity to travel round the world and meet new friends.
Unfortunately my job is very low paid and I have to sew my own clothing from scraps I sometimes find washed to the arctic coast.
For quite some time I wanted to start a fashioin blog, but it was very difficult to get an internet connection here at the North Pole. Now I finally got one and can show you some of my clothes that I've worked on over the last few months.
If you are a fashion animal yourself, maybe we can become friends!
And please excuse my writing, english is not my native tounge and the keyboard is too small for my big paws.

Polar Bear.

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